Autonomous Solutions For Digital Clientele

We elevate the restaurant industry in a context of staff shortages, cost and wage inflation, digitalization and consolidated purchasing methods, food safety and waste, frenetic lifestyles and chronic lack of time, low-skilled activities that automation can replace with better service outcome...
Our design values:
  • Semplicity

  • Efficiency

  • Functionality

  • Safety



Fast food service 24|7

Fastfood, limited or quick service restaurants to add a premium digital FOH solution elevating service andperformance

Restaurant chains

Business, Education, Accomodation and Housing, Healthcare… seeking autonomous on-site catering digital solution

Retail and specialized

Bar, Coffee Shops, Grocerants, specialized retail… to elevate value prop




The Autonomous Restaurant.

Caesar® more than just a vending machine that heats up and stores to perfection… It is an Intelligent delivery system to digitally elevate consumer experience and operations

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