Here you go... CAESAR®


Automated Refreshment Point

Ceasar® is the ultimate front-or-house solution combining smart fridge with heating of revamping in a one-stop premium solution. From storing, ordering, heating, and delivering on a wood counter ready meals, paninis, street food of bakery products all is accessible 24/7. Fast takeaway and gluten free are also feasible.

Moreover, it also handles fast takeaways with gentle reheating.

  • Counter Service Contactless

  • Smart fridge... longer Shelf Life

  • All-in Efficient Investment ...

Heating is an art...

The cooking, personalized and consistent, takes place before the product is delivered. Tailored for each recipe and type to achieve the balanced blend of crispiness and internal cooking for a digestible, tasty experience… to be repeated!
  • Cryspy or crunchy at neet

  • Customizable reheating

  • Food safety... contactless operations



  • Counter service

  • All-in solution

  • Canteen or attempted sale

  • Schedulable fulfillment

  • Automated refilling

  • Opening and touching

  • Reheating apart

  • Attempted sale only

  • Queues and lost earnings

  • With opening